Perimeter walls of high-value facilities may be partly, or fully, made up of masonry walls. Monitoring intrusion attempts over such a perimeter is a crucial component of a robust perimeter protection plan.

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The AgilFence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) offers a wall-mount version that is specifically designed to detect and report attempts of intrusion by scaling or breaching perimeter walls. The AgilFence wall-mount PIDS is available as an extension to the regular PIDS fence-mount version. This wall protection system provides a robust solution to address the lack of an effective perimeter intrusion detection system for the protection of perimeter walls.

Highly reliable, more than 95%
probability of detection
Pinpointing accuracy, within 10
metres (i.e. ±5 metres accuracy)
Extremely low false alarm rate
Extremely low nuisance alarm rate
Resilient to defeat


Military sites
Correctional facilities
Nuclear plants
Sensitive buildings and land areas
Communications facilities
Banking facilities
Industrial & Commercial Sites
Sites requiring maximum security

How it works


The AgilFence wall-mount PIDS utilises the same Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) technology used in the fence-mounted version. The FBG sensors are capable of accurately detecting any disturbance to the sensor cable caused by attempts to climb the wall. This includes detecting common intrusions such as propping a ladder against the edge of the wall or a person holding onto the edge of the wall.

A sensor cable with FBG sensors embedded is deployed at the top of the wall and is capable of detecting and pinpointing the location of intrusion activities. Like the fence-mount PIDS, this system is able to automatically activate the nearest CCTV camera to zoom to the pinpointed intrusion location for alarm verification.

The AgilFence wall-mount PIDS also enjoys all the key benefits of being an optical fibre solution and is immune to RFI, EMI and lightning strikes. It shares the same intelligent signal processing system that provides reliable protection, resistance to false alarms and adapts automatically to changes in the natural environment.

Intruder may attempt to climb over a wall by:

Placing a ladder to lean on the edge of the wall, the human body weight on the ladder will exert a force on the uPVC/PC board   Placing a ladder against the wall, the human body will exert a force on the uPVC/PC board  

Typical Configuration & Diagram

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